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Companion Pups

Raising Champion Line Labradoodles and AKC Pugs & English Labrador Retrievers with Love and Care.

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       Our Exceptional Available Puppies

~Purebred Champion Line PUG Puppies~
   ~ & Champion Line English Style Labs ~                  
Home of the Kisses Line of Pug Puppies
& Og's Dogs Labs!    

All PUG puppy's from us are required to have their official AKC name will start with KISSES'.
All Lab puppy's from us are required to have their official AKC name will start with OG's Dogs.

Deposits -

All Deposits are half puppy fee (non refundable) and needs to be sent via: Cashier's Bank Check sent through Overnight Mail or Paypal (adds 4%) *Remainder of adoption fee is Due in CASH ONLY at pickup (please have exact amount as we do not have change). If we provide transportation the transport fees are due by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old via U.S Postal Money Order or Cashier's Bank check.

Visitors -

We do not allow visitors to our home for protection of us, our newborn puppies, and adult dogs.  This will help reduce risk to the pups of microscopic viruses and germs being brought in from different environments.  Viruses can linger and wait for new puppies to be born to attack.  Unfortunately living in the south this has become a major concern as many people do not vaccinate their animals and these viruses and parasite run rampant and we feel the need to protect our dogs/puppies as best we can from any dangers. We will set up a place to meet you for pickup.  The puppies usually receive their first vaccines at about 5 weeks of age then a second set at 7 weeks, this gives them a few weeks to build up some immunity from the vaccines but they are still not fully protected until all vaccines are finished.  We would hate to increase risk of exposure to a variety of ailments to any puppy if we can help reduce it.  *As for adults this reduces the stress to the naturally protective parents and the pregnant females and the possibility of them bringing something back in to other young pups inside.  Parents pictures can be seen on this website under available pups or under planned litters tab.  As for protection of us unfortunately there are some bad apples that ruin it for the rest and do not represent themselves truthfully and many breeders are finding there homes broken into after someone sees their layout, dogs and/or puppies stolen for someone to resell, or worse some breeders have been murdered.  We know this sounds crazy but these are the days we live in and it is happening more and more.  So for our safety we have decided to only meet for pickups near by in public places.

Vaccines Notes-
*NOTE: a puppy must receive a series of at least 3-4 sets of vaccines to fully benefit from the inoculations ranging through the ages of 5 weeks to 18 weeks old pending on your vets recommendations. 
We can upon request take a quick picture of your puppy of interest against a paper that says date and your name on it for you to prove your puppy is indeed here.  We do understand that getting a puppy without seeing it can be uneasy for some people and would like to assure you that the puppy and us are very much real!

You are welcome to call our vet to check on us or contact past customers via FB messaging them before deciding to adopt from us.  
Thank You!!
ALL Puppies are AKC or from AKC Parents
Our Exceptional Puppies Registration Options:

PUGS ~ Limited Rights Only
Poodles ~ Limited some exceptions for Full
English Labradors ~ Limited some exceptions for Full
Labradoodles ~Not AKC Eligible as they are considered a mix

In Most Cases Puppy Prices are:
are $1800-2500
Each puppy's price is based on pedigree, color, structure, age and varying factors.     



Get on our Waiting List!

Placing a Waiting List Deposit will ensure you get an exceptional puppy from us
as soon as they become available !
Waiting list is $200 Non Refundable Deposit

- Locks in Picking Order (picks are made when the litter is born)
- If what you are looking for is not born?  We will bump to the next litter and your spot is held!
-$200 Non Refundable Partial Deposit gets you on the waiting list with remainder of the deposit due when you pick your puppy!
(We reserve rights to pick any puppies to keep for ourselves or fellow breeders from any litter before offering them to waiting list.)

Waiting list preferences keeps changing and we dislike when website is not accurate so we can give you an idea of where you stand for before placing deposit but it will depend on what you are open to or looking for specifically for where you will fall and how quickly you will get a puppy. The more open you are the quicker you will be able to get one.  Preferences can change while on waiting on the list and feel free to update us if you have changed your mind on sex or colors you are open to.  People will be contacted when what they are looking for is born within the litter.  If you are open to what is born you will be able to get a puppy faster.  Note We also reserve the right to hold back puppies to keep or are considering keeping for evaluation before placing them up for adoption waiting list.


Emmy and Big Mac Born Jan 13, 218

These puppies have extremely flat faces (excellent profile!) and indication they will have great nose rolls and wrinkles!  They have nice circle heads and ears appear to be set back correctly.  They would be stunning as adults!

Rainbow Collar ~ Black Female ~ $2500 ~ Available

Yellow Collar ~ Black Female ~ $2500 ~ Available

Please fill out puppy application if interested


Parents: Penelope (silver beige standard poodle) and Marty(Red Rox Labrador)
(parents carry the black and fading gene hence black and chocolate/red puppies)
Health Tested and from Champion Lines

Born Jan 4, 2018
Ready to Go Home ~ Feb 17th and 18th
Prices for this litter ~ $1000-1250

Puppies go home with ~ age appropriate vaccines and dewormings, small baggie of food, chews, and blankie with mom's scent on it. 

About Our Puppies ~ If you are looking for Top Quality Sweet, Loyal, Playful, Loving Labradoodle Puppy you have come to the right place! Our puppies bring people the joy and friendship that only a dog can bring you! We raise our puppies in our home with kids, cats, and other dogs. They are pre loved on and given the best foundation so have the best start with you! We start pad training and getting them used to nail trimmings as well. Dew claws are removed.


Chocolate/Red Girl Solid~ Silver Collar ~ Available $1250
Her color is deeper then the other two chocolate/red puppies.  Her coat is shiny, silky, and currently on the smoother side.


Chocolate/Red Girl Solid ~ Light Purple Collar ~ Available $1250
She is one of the smaller puppies of the litter.  Her coat is shiny, silky and starting to get waves.

Black Girl Solid ~ Pink Collar ~ Available $1000
She has a silky, shiny coat currently on the smoother side.

Black Boy Solid ~ Blue Collar ~ Available $1000
He is one of the smaller puppies in the litter.  He is silky, shiny, and currently has a smoother coat.

Black Boy Solid ~ Red Collar ~ Available $1000
His coat is silky shiny and at the moment getting waves that may become more curly.

Black Boy Solid ~ Orange Collar ~ Available $1000
 His coat is silky, shiny, and currently on the smoother side.


Black Boy Solid ~ Tan Collar ~ Available $1000
He is one of the smaller boys in the litter.  His coat is silky, shiny, and smooth at moment.


Chocolate/Red Boy Solid ~ Brown Collar ~ Available $1250
This color is currently chocolate but it may fade into a red.  His coat is shiny and silky.  His coat currently has waves starting in it.  He just melts into you when held and loves the attention.

Please fill out puppy application if interested