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Raising Champion Line Labradoodles and AKC Pugs & English Labrador Retrievers with Love and Care.

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General Pug Information:
The clown
Pugs are like Pringles you can't have just one! 

 A Pug's character is unique in that he is a clown at heart with a terrific sense of humor but at the same time he carries himself with great dignity. They are not too delicate for fun and games. A pug is anxious to please, anxious to learn and anxious to love. His biggest requirement is that you love him back.   

Origin: China

Breed Purpose: Guarding the alters in temples. Companion.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Toy

Weight: 13-18 pounds

Height: 10-14 inches

Lifespan: 12-15 years
Shedding: Pugs shed like crazy giving them salmon oil and vitamin E drastically reduces this shedding though. It also reduces human allergy symptoms to the pup.

Common Ailments: The Pug suffers with respiratory problems. They quickly become breathless and wheeze if they exert themselves too much. Never leave this dog in an enclosed space that may become too warm and that has poor ventilation such as in a car or small room. They are susceptible to heatstroke, they catch colds easily and they are very sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. They also suffer with Keratites, (eye inflammation) and ulcers in the eyes. They are quite well-known for wheezing and snoring when asleep. Luxating petellas is a common issue for pugs as well as any small dog. They sometimes suffer from seasonal allergies. As puppies they can often have umbical hernia which is usualy repaired during spay or nuter suregery. Umibical Hernia can sometimes close itself as the pup grows and is repaired around 6 months of age if it has not closed on it's own.

Things to Consider When Considering a Pug: If you wish to live with a pug, you should be prepared for the fact that they are often underfoot, following you from room to room. This is one of those dogs that thinks he has to help you walk down the steps and suspects you are leaving forever when you shut the bathroom door. They are clowns and want to please but are not always quick to understand what you want from them. They are persistant, stuborn, willful, and clever. They shed a lot despite there short coats. They love kids and other animals and need constant companionship. Some of the distinctive features of a pug cause the breed to be more susceptible to illness and injury than other breeds. They are susceptable to catching colds easier, have allergy issues often, their eyes are easily wounded, and are prone to skin conditions. Pugs are prone to getting food stuck above their soft palate and "honk" while eating or drinking to fast. Most importantly, a short snout means that the pug has a hard time cooling themselves because they can't evaporate as much moisture off there tongues. They love to play but can't go for long runs or stay out in the sun or snow. They are very temperature sensitive. They make great apartment dogs but still need exercise. In fact in my opinion many pugs are full of crazy puppy energy for many years and need a good romp every day so they can be calmer indoors and not as easily excited. Pugs are very active dogs but can only exercise in short burst of around 20 minutes at a time or a nice 45 minutes leisure walk. Pugs should be in a home where there is someone home most the time as they absolutely crave and are intensely needy for affection or they get very bored / sad and can become destructive if no one is around. If you have the time and want a dog that loves you like know one else then a pug is for you!
Great Things About Them: They love to cuddle and shadow people. They don't mind hugs and tugs of kids and are sturdy enough for them. They love to keep you warm in the winter and entertain you when ever you will watch. They seem to act silly purposely to get you to laugh. They have a child like way about them.