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Raising Champion Line Labradoodles and AKC Pugs & English Labrador Retrievers with Love and Care.

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What People Have To Say!
Thank you every one!

"Thank you for being such an amazing person! You raise the best pups, hands down! I know I can always email, even 3 years later if I need your opinion on something! Because of you my family has been loved a million times more with Bella in our lives! You're excellent at what you do, we love you! "

Robin & Annabella
                 What Some People Have Said:
I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much joy Poppy has brought to my family.  She is not only sweet and playful, but one of the cutest pugs I have ever seen.  I brought her to the vet yesterday and not only did she have a great check up, but everyone in the office wanted to spend time playing and holding her. In fact, the techs asked if they could take pictures of her for their website. She had a little photo-shoot and we proceeded to go home and relax in the air conditioning. I have half a day of work today and had to leave her. My heart broke but I put on some relaxing music and she has a big playpen to spend her morning in. I am counting down the minutes until I can go home and cuddle with her some more...  Thank you Tammie for helping me build my family.  - Poppy's Owner Taryn
 Update- ... She is such a joy.  She is the absolute talk of the town which is pretty impressive in New York City! Every time we go for walks we get stopped by at least half a dozen people that have to kiss and pet her! ...
- Poppy's Owner Taryn
Update - Poppy is the joy of my life. She turns 2 and a half this week and I
 wanted to just give you an update on her wonderful personality. Not 
only is she so cute, but she is quirky and gentle and insanely friendly.
 Poppy and I tried going to the dog park on many occasions but she 
wasn't interested in the dogs, only the people. That's when I had an 
idea. For the past 14 months poppy had been a therapy dog and provides 
visits and companionship to the elderly at a nursing home in Manhattan. I
 am so thankful that you helped me add poppy to my life. Enjoy a few 
pictures of her below. 
With thanks,
- Poppy's Owner Taryn

I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how well LuLu is doing. She's so smart, silly, and wonderful.... Her Vet was very impressed and she's had 3 visits so far for vaccinations.... Here's a picture of her taken this morning, sooo pretty! - Lulu's Owner Regina

Update Lulu is now 7 months -
Hope all is well with you and your family and that your Summer was glorious.  We've been very happy with Lulu, she's soooo smart and a wonderful dog. Kudos to you for her excellent breeding! - Lulu's Owner Regina

I just wanted to let you know that Olive is doing well and of course I think she's the best pup ever! Her first vet check up was perfect and they all raved about her! - Olive's Owner Karen
UPDATE I just want to let you know she's do well and I'm so happy I got her!!  Thank you for breeding such beautiful Pugs, she's so smart too! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Sincerely Karen & Olive

UPDATE I just wanted to update you on Olive! She's doing great and is such sweet little girl. I'm so thrilled with her and I couldn't have found a more perfect girl. I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day! Karen & Olive
Myrtle turned out to be the smartest pug we ever had. She got big too. Almost as big as Lacey but slimmer. She is also VERY healthy. No breathing or eye problems. She knows all her commands and she even learned how to use a doggie bell to tell us when she needs to use the potty. We go to pug socials at a dog park every month and Myrtle is the only pug who comes on command. The rest just do as they please. She is so good. - Myrtle and Lacey's Owner Elisa
Hope all is well. Everything with Bruce is going great...he has brought such joy and happiness to our home. He currently weighs 18lbs., is very healthy, has a TON of energy, and is very well behaved. His personality is just hilarious! - Bruce's Owners Erin and Craig
Blossom is doing very well, a very playful puppy! Everyday she gets cuter! Attached is a picture of her she's the perfect pug! Thanks again! - Blossom's Owner
... I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great. Our vet is always telling us that he's never seen a pug with the muscle tone that she has. He also said that almost all the pugs that come in have terrible teeth, and always has to perform surgeries on their jaws because they have such a hard time eating, but he said she has a perfectly aligned jaw. People are constantly stopping me on the street telling me that they thought pugs were so ugly, and that she's the cutest dog they've ever seen in their life. I even have had a woman tell me she shows her french bulldogs, and said she is the most perfect looking pug she's ever seen. We live in the middle of the city, and we literally get mobbed by people taking pictures of her and asking to pet her, and she LOVES it. She is such a diva, and absolutely loves all of the attention, and whines if people actually walk by her on the street and don't say hi to her...  Thank you again for such a great little addition to our family! - Lady's Owner Heather 

We had a wonderful Christmas. Holly, formally cocoa has brought so much joy to our home. She is doing very well. Thank you so much for all your hard work with the puppies.  Your home environment and attention certainly shows in her personality. I love her so much. My husband was going to buy caramel or cheesecake for me for Christmas but was to late. I'll keep watching for the new litter. Once again Thank you! Holly's Owner
Kayla's Puppy Pics

I thought u would get a kick out of this.  What a typical pug pose.  Kayla is getting so big.  How quickly they grow.... It is funny how pugs have similarities but yet have different personalities.   Kayla has been a joy to us and we could not do it without you.   You are a wonderful breeder. -
 Kayla's Owner Karen
I just wanted to give you an update on Saubrina. Her last vet visit was this past Saturday so all of her puppy shots are complete. She weighs 10.2 lbs. and is doing extremely well. Our vet says that Saubrina is perfect. She has the best personality and is 98% trained to potty outside. We still have one paper tray around for those "just in case" moments but she is doing awesome. She loves everyone and really is the best girl ever! Thank you again for letting me adopt such a wonderful little princess! -
Saubrina's Owner Dawn
He is doing WONDERFUL. We also got a female from Texas and she is so different. For one thing she is very small in comparison to PeeWee. PeeWee is way more advanced in potty training than she is. He did wonderful on flight back home... So many people googled over him and were taking pictures. The other puppy, Princess Phiona, again was much smaller so I started switching her to the food from PeeWee and within the few days we had her she has already started gaining some weight. The other breeders did not do it as a job, it was more of an extra job. They were very nice, but I can tell the difference. We call PeeWee our stud muffin because of his size and manners. Thank You very much for everything. - PeeWee's Owner


Going through old emails and thought I would send you an update. He is as beautiful now as he was as a puppy....PeeWee is doing quite well. Upclose picture is Princess Phiona, his soul mate from 10 weeks old. They never leave each others side. If one is outside by him/her self, they will whine until the other either goes outside or they come inside. Well anyway, just thought you would like to see one of the babies grown and already getting old, lol. - Pee Wee's Owner

I brought her to the vet last night and he commented on what a perfect pug Lola is. He was impressed with her size,weight, facial structure, tail, demeanor and everything. Said she was the best looking pug he had seen in quite sometime. - Lola's Owner
Update -Lola continues to be a sweet, happy little pug. She is wonderful with everyone and doesn't mind being smothered and kissed by my girls...She is so good that I am afraid it won't happen again.-Lola's Owner
Velcro has been to the vet and checked out great. The vet said she made her day cause Velcro was so small and cute. --Velcro's Owner
Update - Her full grown weight is 13 pounds and she has been in excellent health. She is a great dog and the best one we have ever had. -Velcro's Owner
All of your advise is always super helpful and is a big reason why Botchy has been such a success! - Botchy's Owner
Update -I can not stress enough what a beautiful pug he has turned out to be. Not overwieght at all and just a good looking dog and very confident and happy. -
Botchy's Owner
Wow, you should charge for advice!--Fellow Pug Owner
I wanted to thank you for the tip. I tried it with Mini and she is SOO much better! --Fellow Dog Owner

He's very lovable and definately likes to cuddle. I couldn't be happier with him and don't worry I will take excellent care of him and give him plenty of attention.... I especially love how well trained he is.
-Jacob's Owner

            What Some People Have Said:

Dexter as a puppy and Dexter as he grows up next to his friend Riley -Dexter's Owner Jessica


Hello!!!  Teddy Bear (now known as Gilbert) is doing amazing! ... He now knows his name and can "come" and "sit"!  We start our puppy training classes together at the first of December and I'm looking forward to it!  He has adjusted so well to our home and family. Potty training and crate training is going well. He only wakes up to go out once during the night and then goes right back to sleep! He will also sometimes go to the door and whine to ask out!  I'm very proud of all that he has learned so far. I just wanted to let you know that everything was going will with my precious little boy :) - Gilbert's Owner

His tail is amazing! I'm thinking it could become a double curl! 
His nose roll is also perfect and seems to have gotten bigger.
He loves to sleep on his back and it's hilarious! - Gilbert's Owner

As a recent customer, I want to attest to what a fabulous job this breeder does raising its puppies. Ive had my girl Kyle for a little more than a year now. When I first brought her to my vet for a checkup, they said she was the healthiest baby pug they had ever seen. I have continued to stick to all holistic foods for her-- she is bright, charming, affectionate, and funny as hell. She is also utterly gorgeous. Cannot use enough superlatives to describe her, and thank the wonderful breeder for being so caring and capable. I am living the pug dream every day thanks to her. - Kylie's Owner Stewart (Lynden on facebook)
We love Coco!!!!!  She is doing great! She is settling in nicely, at our home. Her personality is awesome! She is filled with vim and vigor!!!! She is also using the puppy pads consistently.  She sleeps the entire night, most of the time too. We took her to the Vet this week and the Vet thought she looked healthy and thought she was so cute!!! ...  Coco loves our other dog, Teddy, who turns 2 in February. Our cats seem to be adjusting well to her too.  We cannot thank you enough... The joy she has brought to my older daughter and us all is priceless and special. - Coco's Owner Linda
Just wanted to let you know what a delight this little dog has been since we got her.....considering her size and age .... She has never needed to use the pp,pads, she has been going outside even in this Icelandic weather!!!! Dressed in her little coat and booties, she does her thing and then even walks up the ramp to come in!!!! Only 2 accidents in the house and to be honest they were our fault ...... She sleeps in her crate for 4 to 5 hrs , loves her playtime to run free with us all..she is a real snug bunny though too......She has a playpen that she is very secure in with all her toys.... Quite content and quiet in there....Loves to chase us all around till we tire her out though too! She was in the car with us today for quite some time, no problem. Everyone thinks she is the cutest thing on the planet  Of course!.... - Layla Mae's Owner Janet and Emily
Update - Thought you would get a kick out of these, Layla is loved to pieces, very spoiled, very smart, a most wonderful disposition, very sweet and loving.... .....she has no problem posing for the camera and being put into silly outfits! 
Thanks again for raising such a good girl!!!
Best wishes for the holiday and new year! - Laya's Owner

You are an awesome breeder and I couldn't ask for better pug puppies.  They come trained and have the best personalities!  - Willie's Owner Dawn
We've had Vinny for 3 months now, and in that short amount of time he has grown into such a funny, smart little guy... He has had all of his shots, he has slept through the night since day 2, knows how to sit, stay, and shake, AND best of all- he goes to the door when he needs to use the bathroom, and has been doing so since the middle of January!! He really is a fantastic dog- he's funny, LOVES to snuggle, and very go with the flow...
We couldn't be happier with the way things turned out after a long process, to us it proves that everything happens for a reason. We are very grateful that you stuck with us too, and that we ended up with the perfect puppy for us... Again we hope all is well with you, and if (when) we want another Pug down the road, if we're still in CT and you're still breeding, you'll be the first person we contact. Keep in touch! - Vinny's Owner Mia
He's the best - Prune's Owner's Carson and Ali 
Just wanted to let you know Oscar is doing great! We took him to the Vet yesterday and she said he is very healthy and Oscar was the best example of the breed she's ever seen the breeder knows her stuff. He is settling in wonderfully. Does great in his crate at night. Is such a love and likes to snuggle... I will keep you updated on his progress and thank you so very much for bringing Oscar into our lives :) - Oscar's Owner Kelly
I just can not tell you enough Tammie how great Rebby is he is amazing when ochs and him are together its a mad house in a great way they play so wonderful together wish you could see it let me know as soon as you think you will have little girls not related to Rebby now my mom and dad are in love and cant wait to get a little girl you have wonderful dogs wanted you to know how do I post something on your website about Rebby and how great of a breeder you are I see other people have Thanks again for the bundle of joy Rebby's Owner
Thank you very much for all your help in getting Lucky ready for us. The ride home was a joy as he played for a bit then fell a sleep in my arm. My two little girls are the happiest I've ever seen them. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Lucky's owner
 Hi Tammie! Just wanted to share a recent picture of Penny (4/27/11 litter). She is a wonderful dog! -
Penny's Owner

Updated Pictures of Penny!
Penny is doing great. She is an extremely spoiled pug!  She is my shadow 24/7.  We just love her.  I'm attaching 2 photos that were taken the day of the Pug Rescue of New England social this past October. She won 2nd place for best trick and we had professional photos taken that day.
- Penny's Owner

By the way, my neighbor used to be a judge for the Westminster Dog Show in NYC and he looked Olive over and said that her facial structure was gorgeous and that she was a beautiful dog - Olive's Owner

  Brody is doing great! He loves going for rides in the car, and is quickly learning his potty and crate training. And he loves all the visitors and people who are fawning all over him. What a wonderful pup!! - Brody's Owner Frank






We just love her!!! - Annie's Owner







First of all I want to say how pleased we are with Play Boy.  Not only is he a beautiful dog but well-trained so kudos to you for that!  He is a wonderful companion and so sweet with my youngest son. - Playboy's Owner





Wanted to let you know that Stanley is doing really well.
He is like a bee in the bottle one minute - running around like a fool - and the next, he's passed out on the floor. We are really enjoying him. - Nicole Stanley's Owners





Update - I just thought this was the cutest picture of Stanley, so I had to send it to you! He's doing great - just started puppy class last night, and he was the teacher's pet.... Training is going well - very few accidents in the house, he has taken to his crate like a champ, and he is generally an angel...We couldn't be happier with him - Nicole Stanley's Owners


Update - Just wanted to let you know that I had Stanley in for his 1-year visit at the vet yesterday. The whole practice comes to a standstill when we go in there, it's so funny. All of the people who work at the desk come to see him, not to mention all the techs and half the vets! ... The vet told him they see a lot of pugs, but only a few are "special". Lol, she probably says that to all the moms. His weight is perfect (15 pounds) and she said it's not often she sees a pug with muscle definition. He's perfectly healthy, just a few teeth with deep grooves are getting a little build-up in them. I brush, but I can't really get into some of those spots! ... Just wanted to give you the update that Stanley is perfect as ever, and that EVERYone loves him. We couldn't be happier! -  Nicole Stanley's Owner

We celebrated Bunny's 3rd birthday yesterday. I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how great she is doing. She has fallen in LOVE with my 4 year old daughter Kailee. If Kailee is home Bunny is right by her side -
 Bunny's Owner