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Raising Champion Line Labradoodles and AKC Pugs & English Labrador Retrievers with Love and Care.

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                                                                       About Us

                                                          (Above 3 photos - Emily our  pug that started our venture)
Our puppies are home raised in a family setting with lots of love and care.
                                                  AKC Inspected!

Little about us - We making breeding a family and friends affair and is a passion for all of us!  Seeing people happy and excited at pickup is like watching someone get the most incredible gift at Christmas and fuels our love for breeding!  My husband works full time but is the residential night time and weekend play and cuddle person!  He loves to come home and have fun with everyone then settle down for lovins. I am a stay at home dog mommy and take on the main care of the puppies and our dogs.  The bonding and time with the dogs help soothe my anxiety issues and this is just another reason we bred to help others out there like me!   We are proud to have our daughter involved with breeding in a new capacity now that she is older and can be more then just puppy cuddler and play person.  She cares for some of the dogs at her place as well as our friend and partner in breeding Catherine, which enriches the dogs lives having more people to interact with in safe environments to explore and be mentally stimulated at as our dogs often frequent each others places. This also allows us to continue to improve on our lines instead of standing still and everyone have all the attention and love they could want!  All our dogs live with us in our small network of friends and family. All puppies are raised in our home and born in our bedroom, if a mom is due she comes to our home for whelping.  We are up countless hours when the puppies are born and first couple weeks with each puppy cry to make sure they are okay as moms can smother puppies accidentally when they are very small.  Sometimes puppies are just lost in the whelping bed away from siblings and mom and need help getting back to them and the heated pad, whatever the case we are up to help!  When they are a bit older they move to the puppy room for more space and exploring as the room is set up just for them!  Our puppies are exposed to different sights and sounds of the normal household like vacuums, steamers, tvs, radios, ect... so they understand what it is like to be in a home as they are not raised outside like many breeders do. We also do our best to get puppies started with potty pad training for you as well.  It's important to us we try to set up our babies with a good foundation to go to their new forever homes so the transition is easier on you and them!  We are always available via email through out their years if you need advice or just want to send an update!  We love updates and seeing how our extended families are doing throughout the years.

Linage & Quality Things to Consider - We specialize in Champion Line AKC Champion Line Pugs, Standard Poodles, and Labrador Retrievers! Something to consider about getting a puppy is quality and getting one as close to standards as possible. Something you should consider is does the person show, have handlers show dogs for them, or has shown dogs in the past?  Someone that has not been in the ring often does not truly understand the standards.  You will often falsely see the words "show potential", " excellent quality", and "meets standards".  The majority of breeders out there sell strictly pet quality and is simply unaware of how to interpret the standards or the differences between pet and show because they have not been exposed to show quality to see the difference.  Often their personality, size, facial structure, body structure, and energy levels are very different in strictly pet quality vs a quality dog with faults that won't quite make it in the ring (although no one can guarantee any of these traits they are more likely from higher quality dogs to be like what you read about in books, akc standards, and breed clubs). Lastly and very importantly to consider, does the breeder ever use their own lines to breed with?  If so they believe in the health of their lines.  We breed for ourselves and for the public to have wonderful companion dogs by their side! 




More on Puppy & Adult Dog Care -  All of our dogs are raised in the home with family as already stated and this means they are pets first, and spoiled accordingly! We buy natural holistic foods and supplement their diets where needed. Every puppy is handled and loved on from birth. They grow up in a home with household experiences. We hand feed and care for pups that may need it should the mom lacks skills to care for a puppy/litter and yes without reason it does happen sometimes. We constantly clean up after them and try to teach each one to use potty pads. We train them to sleep in a crate or playpen pending their age at night or when we can't watch them for their safety because we couldn't possibly watch them all 100% of the time to make sure they don't chew wires, get stuck under a chair, ect....

Our dogs have access to go outside and run around and play when they want in the "Doggie" Area. We take our dogs for walks, car rides, and keep them exercised and stimulated. We play with and love all our dogs, they are our family and everyone gets cuddle time. Our dogs are also crate trained and take turns sleeping in them or with us at night.


We are surrounded by beautiful bluffs, mountains, and hills!


Nice big yard in the front and side to take the dogs out to play or lounge with us. 
The dogs have a their own fenced in area in the back as well they can play in anytime they wish!

                                                                        Our resident Dog & Home Guardian
                                                                             - Monkey (Great Dane)

Finding Your Puppy & Your Puppy While with Us 
- We know how exciting adding a new pup to your family can be.  It is our goal to raise happy healthy adorable little pups and to keep this site updated so you know if any puppies are currently available.  A good way to find out right away and get preference before puppies are listed on the website is to fill out the Puppy Application Form
to get on our waiting list! Waiting list secures your spot to ensure you get the puppy you are looking for as soon as its available!  After your puppy is picked and deposit placed we'll send you updates directly via email. It is a lot of fun to watch them grow and learn and we try to give you as much of that experience as possible! Remember getting updates from start to finish is time consuming and not easy when puppies are on the move!  Most updates are aprox every 2 weeks. Updates can be just pictures, just video, or both if we are able to.  Often times it is one or the other but when we can we do both because we know that's more fun to see! 

Please keep in mind pugs are known to have small litters unlike many other dog breeds out there. All our pups do find homes very quickly so if your considering a puppy of any breed you'll want to be on the waiting list for your color and sex preference!   
When the Puppy goes Home with You- We send you home with a puppy goodie bag at pickup.  Your goodie bag supplies you with registration papers if applicable, vaccine and deworming records, a collar, sample of food, several chew treats, blanket with mom's scent, can food cap, food measure cup, and several toys to get you started. This goodie bag is free of charge and not included in the puppy price and contents may vary time to time.  Your puppy will have had several not just one deworming starting at 2 weeks old. Puppies mouth and chew on everything so it is best to continue to deparasite them with wormers a couple more times every other week and then on a monthly basis as they grow and through adulthood. The puppy's first vaccinations will be a NeoPar vaccine for parvo to start with and not overwhelm their system. Then in a couple weeks more will be given Distemper, Andenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, and Parvo.

Microchipping is also available upon request!  Microchips are $40 and includes lifetime enrollment in recovery services and unlimited free updating of your information on record.  AKC Reunite also sends you a collar tag so should it still be on your puppy when found the person can call them and you can be reunited with your puppy.  Microchips provide permanent proof of ownership should your puppy be lost or worse stolen and can not be removed or lost like collar tags.

Costs - Our puppies are TRUE QUALITY and we put A LOT OF TIME into each and every one of them!  We spend countless hours on puppy/dog care - toys, laundry, steaming, vacuuming, cleaning up accidents, getting up with puppy cries, playing, updating pictures, email correspondence with people, keeping records updated for AKC and us, supplies and there are to many to list, vet care, quality food, exercise, mental stimulation, training....  I, Tammie, who you'll chat with the most, stay at home and make this my world as it is a passion!  Unlike many breeder's who also work other jobs I am able dedicate my days, nights, weekends, holidays ect... to our dogs and puppies so they are rarely alone and always taken care. Unfortunately this means sometimes missing family events or not being able to take trips but it is well worth it to share our puppies with you!  We also make sure we have quality healthy lines and not just a dog from any breeder to throw with another dog just to get puppies.  We put thought into each one of our dogs and who to breed them to for true quality and health!  That meant finding quality breeders and lines to start from and making sure the quality is always upheld to continue to use our own lines.  All of the cost and time equals an EXCELLENT COMPANION for you that you should enjoy for many years and that is important to us and why our puppies are worth every penny!  Generally our puppies cost $1800-2500