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~ Eager to learn and Sweet Natured Puppies ~

Home of the Og's Dogs Line of Aussiedoodles

All Aussiedoodles are required to have "Og's Dogs" in the begining of their registered names if they come with American Hybird Club Registration.

 Get on our Reservation List!

Placing a Reservation List Deposit will ensure you get an exceptional puppy from us 
as soon as they become available !
Reservation list is $200 Non Refundable Deposit

- Locks in Picking Order within a sex and color (Once litter is born and you decide you want a puppy from that litter remainder of puppy deposit is due which is half the puppy price minus your $200 already down) OFTEN LABRADOODLE LITTERS PICKS ARE MADE A WEEK OR TWO BEFORE PICK UP TO GET THE BEST FIT FOR YOUR FAMILY.  WE WILL HELP YOU PICK YOUR PUPPY BUT ULTIMATELY THE DECISION IS YOURS!
- If what you are looking for is not born?  We will bump to the next litter and your spot is held!
-$200 Non Refundable Partial Deposit gets you on the waiting list with remainder of the deposit due when you pick the litter you will be getting a puppy from!

(We reserve right to pick any puppies to keep for ourselves or fellow breeders from any litter before offering them to waiting list.  This can include holding a puppy for further evaluation and later offering it as available if we change our minds.) 

Since wait listers often change their minds as to what are looking for it is hard to tell you where you fall exactly in getting a puppy but we can try to give you an idea if you ask.  We do try to match people with the pups that fit them best after we see what is born and offer those select puppies to those people accordingly. Remember the more open you are to color and sex the sooner we can get you a puppy :-)

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