Available Adults 


What goes into deciding on an Adult Price and Why would I want to buy one?                                                                        

- Adults price often reflects training put into them, pedigree, possible testing results and if they are of age and quality for another persons breeding program.


- adults are usually calmer more snugly then puppies

-adults are crate trained

-adults are dog door potty trained

-adults are current on vaccines

-Adults are a good choice for those wanting to skip the more energetic

and teething stages of puppies

-you know exactly what size and look the dog is as an adult no guess guessing.

We will occasionally retire/rehome some adults from our program to make room in an effort to continually
improve the breeds!

So check back if you don't see the dog for you or fill out our puppy application if you want to be notified when we have any.

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Available Adults

We plan to have several adults become available over the next year
Fill out our notify  list if your interested in them when they become available :-)

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