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All Aussie puppy's from us are required to have their official AKC name start with Ogs' Dogs.


These are introductory prices for our first couple of litters as Mini's are a newer breed for us and would like to build up references and pictures for future customers.

Standard Tri Color: $1000 -1500

Blue & Green Eye Tri Color: $1250 -1500

Merle: $1500-1800

Full Rights Additional $500

Each puppy's price is based on varying factors like size, coat colors, and eye colors. 

    Once Full Deposit is down (half the puppy) on a specific puppy price is locked and will not change on you like some other aussie breeders who up your price if they believe they have blue eyes even after your deposit is down!  We can not guarantee eye color but will make educated guesses on them.

We opt to leave our babies natural and not remove puppy limbs that they are born with for a purpose.  We do not think they should be removed for cosmetic reasons.  Dew Claws are equivalent to your thumb and help them hold onto things like toys and bones.  If they are slipping they use them to hold onto the ground.  Their tails help with turns in agility and also helps them communicate with other dogs and us humans.

Mocha & Awesome

Both Completely Clear Including:

CD, CEA, CMR1, DM, HC, MDR1, PRA-prcd

~ Puppies born in Late Dec 26,2019 ~

Pickup is Scheduled for : FEB 22nd and 23rd

Awesome is on Our Aussie's Page  ~  Here is Mocha:

Two Blue Eyes with one Partial Gold in it,  14" tall, 20 pounds

Reserve Your PUPPY Now!


1 Merle Male w/Blue Eyes $1800

1 Black Tri Color Male w/Blue Eyes $1500

1 Black Tri Male w/Brown Eyes $1250

Blue Merle Male ~ Available ~ $1800

Eye Color ~ Blue

Has a super silky soft coat!

Black Tri Color Male #1 ~ Available ~ $1250

Eye Color ~ Brown

He is going to have gorgeous fluffy soft coat!

Black Tri Color Male #3 ~ Available ~ $1500

Eye Color ~ Blue

Has super silky coat!