~Purebred Champion Line PUG Puppies~

Home of the Kisses' Line of Pug Puppies
where our pugs literally love to give you kisses!

All Pug Puppies are from AKC & International Imported Champion line Parents


 In Most Cases Pug Puppy Prices are:

Strictly Pet No Registration $2500-2800

Strictly Pet w/Limited Registration Puppies are $2800-3000

Supplies AKC Basic Certificate/ No Breeding Rights

We require their official AKC name to start with KISSES' if your puppy is being registered.

Additional Options:

$40 Micro Chip includes lifetime registration no annual fees.

$40 Snuggle Puppies scented here for comfort in transitioning to new home.

Planning on  Puppies that go home in Summer :-)
August- Sept Pups expected

Available Pug Puppies

 Get on our Notify List!

If you looking for a Stunning, Exceptional, Family Oriented Pug Puppy with an Amazing Temperament you have come to the right place!  Our beautiful, silly, chubby little babies are from Top quality Health checked parents from AKC & International Imported Champions  Lines.  If you are looking for a pug puppy from us you'll want to get on the notify list so you don't miss out!  Once your notify list form is received and approved for a puppy we will keep you posted as puppies become available that match you via email!  From there to reserve an available puppy the Holding Fee is half the puppy price which is due immediately and once received the puppy is on hold for you.  We will not hold puppy until holding fee is received.  Upon holding fee being received you can name the puppy and we'll start using it!  The remaining half of puppy is due in cash when the pup is picked up. 


A majority of puppies will be made available and announced between 7 -12 weeks old, a majority of puppies will go home at about 8 weeks old (puppy's do not leave before this). Until announcement we don't give out details as we find people tend to get stuck on particulars and we like to make sure everyone is doing well and we have accessed for possible keepers for our program (so we know who will be available and who won't).  We never know when we will find just the right puppy that is showing potential for our program. Our program is always evolving to bring you the very best!  Puppies will be close to ready or already ready before we make the announcement!  Our pups maybe put up as entire litters or on a puppy by puppy basis as we feel they are ready to find new homes.  Not every puppy in the litter will progress at the same rate just like human kids, they all get there in their own time.  Waiting till pups are ready or almost ready also allows us to concentrate on puppy care and our family while limiting lengthy email replies before we even know which pups maybe available. Announcement will provide parents pictures/information, puppy info, puppy pics, pickup date(s), registration type, ect... after announcement we will gladly answer any further questions and provide any further details people may want to know about.  Until announcement we only give general idea of when puppy MAY have puppies available go home - months or seasons.

Please see F.A.Q. / Adopting From Us Info Page for full details on deposits, what you get, and what to expect when you adopt a pug puppy from us!