Meet The

Toy & Mini AKC Miniature American Shepherd


 Miniature Australian Shepherd


Toy Height at shoulders: 10-14 inches

Toy Weight: 7-20 Pounds

Mini Height at shoulders: 13-18 inches

Mini Weight: 15-35 pounds

There is an over lap as some stocky toys might weigh more then a slender mini...

We can not guarantee size but make an educated guess as to adult size.


These are great small athletic yet sweet cuddler dogs.  They are loyal to their families and a bit weary of strangers so socialization while young is a must.  When rehomed as an adult they will be adjustment time to gain trust with their new family.  They are very quick learner and eager to please.  They often only need to be taught a command a few times to have it down.  They are great for first time owners!  This breed also has a soft often silky easy to maintain coat.


Their coats are soft and often silky and fluffy.  They usually shed twice a year from the cold to warm weather and warm to cold weather seasons.  When they shed it is usually like a tumbleweed clump easily picked up.  Brushing their coat will dramatically reduce these tumbleweeds during times of shedding.


They have an easy to maintain coat that needs minimal brushing!


Aussie's are highly intelligent and very sweet.  They are easy going lap dogs but do require a place to run around or structured play a couple times a day so they do not get bored.  They are very loyal to their families so a rehomed adult would need adjustment time to trust it's new owners.  They are very sweet dogs but weary of strangers and need socializing as much as possible.


Aussie's do require exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom. They will do well on a farm or even in an apartment provided that their needs are sufficiently met. Most enjoy swimming, some sort of running activity, or mental stimulation of learning something new. Aussie's have a moderate activity level and therefore they need a good walk or active playtime each day, and they are athletic enough to participate in such dog sports as agility, flyball, obedience and rally. They can also be excellent therapy dogs.  The FALSE perception is that ALL Aussies are SUPER ACTIVE is false. As a breeder and owner of an Australian Shepherd I have found that this statement is UNTRUE! Aussie's have a range of energy from low/moderate to  a medium energy dog that can go from playing and exercising outside to flipping the switch off when coming in and being a couch potato companion.  Not every Aussie is bouncing off the walls. There are some that are higher energy just like in every dog breed. Aussies are highly intelligent dogs so some may have a greater desire for mental stimulation and may get more into things then other dogs if left alone or sedentary for long periods of time.  They can become bored and may even begin to act out or have higher bursts of energy simply out of PURE BOREDOM but I find this to be true with most dogs not just the super smart ones and a good walk or run can easily cure this… but if you can’t take them out on on a walk or run due to bad weather or you’re not physically able to do so… then even a nice car ride where they can hang their head out the window and see and smell new stuff will usually help out immensely or a just a 20 minute long training session in or outdoors where you can go over some simple obedience commands with lots of praise and challenges or a ball throwing session in the backyard or even in the house.  Basically ANY ACTIVITY where they get to use their brains and interact with their favorite person… YOU!  You don’t have to be a super active person to own a Mini Aussie. They have proven to be great service dogs for people who are incapable to do a whole lot of activity as long as you keep them mentally stimulated and take them for a walk or some activity once a day.


Training must be done early and with rewards, firmness, patience and consistency. They seem to thrive in an environment where they are challenged and do well in obedience, rally, and agility trials. The Aussie is amazingly smart and are willing to work for you and are very easy to train!  Sometimes only requiring to be shown once or twice what is expected to catch on, as they live to please you!  They make great Therapy Dogs!

Names the Breed goes by: Aussie, Toy/Mini Australian Shepherd, American Miniature Shepherd


The Australian Shepherd – by Animal Planet










The Miniature American Shepherd - by AKC

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