Health Guarantee and Contracts
We reserve the right to change and revise these contracts whenever we so choose.  We will always make an effort to keep them updated on this website. Please ask for a copy of current forms before adopting a puppy if you wish to view them in advance. We reserve the right to choose who the puppies are adopted to for the best interest of them.
Please note Adult dogs will have their own separate contract that differs from our puppy ones.
Puppies have a genetic health guarantee until 1 year of age.
Holding Fee Contract -
Companion Pups
Raising Pups with Love and Care


I, _______________________________, this _______ day of ________________, 20______, place a non-refundable holding fee for puppy on pick up day described as: __________________________(name), _____________(breed),______________(sex), _____________ (birth date), ______________ (color), ___________________ (registration type)________________________________________(Parents).

A Non-Refundable Holding fee is required to show seriousness and to pay for time lost and other potential homes lost should new owner back out.  Should something happen to your puppy while in breeder’s care or puppy is not adoptable holding fee will apply towards holding another puppy as soon as we have one of similar quality available.

Extra Days Holding Fees - A fee of $35.00 (Thirty Five dollars) a day accumulating to and including the day of pick up will be required for holding the puppy past original pickup date(s) stated. This fee may be asked for upfront when agreement to hold puppy longer is made. Extra Days Holding fees must be paid before puppy is release to new owner, failure to do so by new agreed upon pick up date will terminate your rights, forfeit your deposit, and a new owner will be found. Written and email files act as proof of correspondence and/or if this is a mutual agreement to hold pup for an extra time and new pickup date. If you do not notify breeder or breeder does not agree to hold puppy past pick up date(s) or you do not show to pick up your puppy by the latest pickup date a new owner will be found, your rights will be terminated, and deposit forfeited.

DO NOTE: Breeder most often cannot hold puppies past the original dates.  So, if there is a pickup issue you may have family or a friend pickup on your behalf with written permission from you (buyer) to fill out contract with your information and sign on your behalf if we cannot accommodate a longer hold period.

Should the breeder need to hold back the puppy for any reason you will not be charged for those days.  You must be available for 2 weekends after original pickup date(s) just in case there are delays in pickup which may very well be decided last minute for the best interest of the puppy.
Pick up dates for this pup is between: _____ - _____ 20_____ and latest date _____ - _____ 20_____.
$__________ Total Puppy Price
$__________ Holding Fee (Non-Refundable) Put Down
$__________ Remainder of Puppy Price. (Due in cash unless otherwise agreed upon.)
The Puppy's come with:
Goodie Bag (not a reflection of price and contents may vary), Vaccine & Dewormer Records, Registration Papers (If Applicable), and Sample of food for travel (Please Buy a supply of Food before pickup to have ready for your new puppy)
Adopter Signature:______________________________________
Adopter Phone Number:__________________________________
Adopter Address: _______________________________________
Adopter Email(s): ______________________________________
Companion Pups Signature: ______________________Date: _____

Contract / Health Guarantee - Pugs

Companion Pups
Raising Pups with Love and Care

Buyer Signature: _______________________________________________ Pickup Date: _______________
Buyer Print Name: ______________________________________________
Street Address: ____________________________________________________
Town: _____________________________ State:________ Zip Code: ________
Home Phone: _____________________Cell Phone: ________________________

The puppy described as: ________________________________________ (name), ______________ (breed), ______________ (sex), ________________ (birth date), ____________________ (color),_______________________________(Parents),was picked up and paid for in full.

                                                                           The Buyer Listed Above Agrees:
* I am aware Pugs are prone to snore, snort, wheeze, honk, have small snares, and have gas, pugs also shed a lot. They are also prone to allergies, respiratory issues, skin problems, eye issues, luxating patellas, umbilical hernia, and have sensitive stomachs and sensitive skin. None of these “common” pug problems are covered in our health guarantee.

* Although breeder makes every attempt to prevent worms and other parasites there is always a chance they are picked up from environment, other animals, or even tracked in accidentally (strays and wildlife track them everywhere) and are not covered in our guarantee. It’s recommended dogs should continue monthly dewormers for life to help keep parasites at bay.
* I will not use any flea or heartworm preventative other than Revolution, or it voids guarantee!
* I Will NOT make sudden or drastic food changes as it causes stress and lowers the immune system to a breed prone to many issues already. I will solely use the food breeder is using for at least the first month. Should I choose to change the diet I will wait until after the first month to transition and transition slowly taking a minimum of a week to do so.  Current Food being fed is: __________________________________________________
* I Will NOT expose puppy to public animal places (example: pet stores, dog parks, rest stops, places people hike frequently with their dogs) until all vaccines are completed at approximately 4 months old. After vaccines are completed, I will socialize my puppy and expose them to new people and places as socialization is a process that must be continued throughout their lives.
* I UNDERSTAND there are NO REFUNDS under any circumstances. I also understand I WAIVE ANY LEGAL RIGHT TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION AGAINST BREEDER for ANY REASON and all issues will be handled between breeder and I only. Should I have any problems I will contact the breeder through email.

* I will not give Leptospirosis vaccine to my dog or it voids my guarantee.
* I will not get snare or pallet surgery done to my dog or it voids my guarantee.         
* Health Guarantee is non-transferable and only valid for person listed on this contract and all vet records must be in this person’s name for guarantee to be valid.

Health Guarantee
               This puppy has received its first vaccines and to avoid disease the buyer will need to follow up on them, however they will not be given prior to __________ so vaccines are not done to close together which could cause a serious to fatal reaction and voids guarantee.  Buyer must have the puppy seen by a licensed vet within 2 business days of pickup date which is _________ and send breeder a copy of the visit via email no later than _________ to be received by breeder it is buyer’s responsibility to make sure it was received, and breeder was able to print it out.  If breeder is not able to print it out a copy must be sent via U.S. postal mail.
               Should the puppy be proven to have an incurable genetic life-threatening illness by 1 year of age up to the following date _____________ breeder will need a written notification from 2 vets from different vet practices stating this upon diagnosis along with all testing results from both. The puppy must also be put to sleep at buyer’s expense. Breeder will replace the puppy with the first available puppy of same breed and value from the breeder's stock as soon as possible. No refunds will be given and no further health guarantees apply. Breeder assumes no responsibility for expenses of any kind including vet or any travel fees incurred. Buyer is responsible for any travel fees for replacement puppy.
              Should the puppy die unexpectedly within the 1-year time frame a necropsy must be performed and a diagnosis of an incurable Genetic illness must be proven to be the cause of death. Copies of necropsy results and any paperwork about death must be provided to breeder. Breeder will replace the puppy with the first available puppy of same breed and value from the breeder's stock as soon as possible. No refunds will be given, and no further health guarantees apply. Breeder assumes no responsibility for expenses of any kind including vet or any travel fees incurred. Buyer is responsible for any travel fees for replacement puppy.

$____________ Total Non-Refundable Puppy Adoption Fee
$____________ Minus Deposit Paid
$____________ Owed / Paid Today 

Companion Pups Signature __________________________ Pick up Date: ________