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Puppy Supplies We Personally Recommend
- These are products we recommend for your dog or puppy for their health, well being, enjoyment, and comfort.  We hope you like them as much as we do!  We will keep updating this page so please check back often or the latest products we want to share with you!!

Disclosure: We are Affiliates for these companies because we love and use them ourselves!
We are compensated a tiny amount if you make a purchase using one of the links.

Royal Canin Breeder

First of the Puppy Supplies you'll want is the food they are currently on!
~ Royal Canin ~
~ Direct from Manufacturer~

Royal Canin has teamed up with some breeders for a new program to offer their puppy/dog owners food delivered Directly From Manufacturer so you have the Freshest Food just use the links on this website and sign up for auto ship to get the deal! 


  • 20% off first autoship order

  • Save 5% on every order there after

  • Receive shipments automatically

  • Free shipping & delivery directly from manufacturer for the freshest food

  • Change or cancel at any time

  • 24 hour Royal Canin Pet Advisor Live App

We use vet recommended, researched backed, Royal Canin for pups.  It is the only food we have found that digest well in weaning and young pug puppies, which means less smell and easier clean up on the back end along with better health!  Puppies just love it and are very attracted to eating it which helps greatly with weaning and during transition time to a new home!  Remember do not make sudden food switches as it weakens pup's immune systems, so you will want to order this food and have it on hand for go home day. This is also a grain food to avoid the recent heart problems some grain free foods are causing. We use it with both puppies and as one of our adult foods (we feed multiple brands for optimal nutrition in breeding dogs).
Please remember to buy a bag and have it on hand for when your puppy goes home!


We send you an email to sign up for the dry food when you place a puppy on reserve.  If you do not have a puppy on reserve but still want this deal, just email us and we will be happy to send you the info to sign up.  Pictures below link to Chewy so you can easily find it if you do not want to buy directly from Royal Canin.  Unfortunately, Royal Canin does not allow sign up for the wet food anymore, so you would want to get that some at a place like Chewy,

Royal Canin Wet/Dry Food
Royal Canin Small Puppy Food
Royal Canin Wet Puppy Food

Small Breed Puppy
 ~ We start our puppies on this one regardless  breed.~

what supplies should I buy for a puppy
Puppy supplies for sale

Second Item You Will Want is a:

Puppy Safe Cleaner and Disinfectant: Force of Nature

Protect puppies from all those nasty viruses and bacteria that can make them ill.  Something that actually deodorizes, sanitizes, and gets up dirt!

Best Safest Pet Cleaner for sale
Force of Nature Bundle For Sale
Best puppy toys
Best puppy chews
Snuggle Puppes Avilable for sale with pugs

Products We Sell Directly
Just ask to us add them for Pickup:

Also Highly Recommended the SUNGGLE PUPY which makes transitioning environments so much easier! 
Sold Directly as an add on 

Black Snuggle puppy
Golden Snuggle puppy
Black Snuggle puppy
Brown and White Tri Color Snuggle Puppy

We are offer Scented Snuggle Puppies with an extra heat pack to those interested in giving your puppy extra comfort during transition time to a new home.  Snuggle Puppy is added to your puppy goodie bag for additional $40 at pickup.


The snuggle puppy:

  • Reduces negative behaviors resulting from anxiety, including whining and barking

  • We scent puppy here to smell like mom and siblings!

  • “Real-feel” pulsing heartbeat and heat source mimic being part of a pack, working to ease loneliness, fear, and separation anxiety

  • Helps puppies sleep throughout the night

  • A great crate training tool for new puppies

  • Pet is calmed by appealing to natural instincts, not through medication

  • Two AAA batteries (included) last up to two weeks with continuous 24/7 use

  • On/off switch on heartbeat allows for use only when necessary

  • Machine washable on gentle cycle

  • Disposable heat source lasts for 24 hours and is non-toxic and safe for people and pets 


Sold Directly as an add on option

AKC Reunite Micro Chip $40:

  • Stringent, ISO compliant, quality control manufacturing process that ensures AKC Reunite microchip ID numbers are unique and will not be duplicated. Many manufacturers instead offer ISO compatible microchips. ISO Compatible microchips are not required to follow stringent production standards or uniqueness of ID numbers. Oftentimes these microchips are manufactured in China.

  • Manufactured by Trovan in Europe, AKC Reunite 134.2 kHz/ISO/International microchips are seamless, 100% bioglass encapsulated transponders with no plastic parts. This seamless design helps ensure the lifetime integrity of the microchip. Our all-in-one syringe delivery device also features medical-grade needles that are arguably the sharpest in the industry.

  • Plus, unlike other pet recovery services, there are no renewal fees when you enroll with AKC Reunite.

  • Our Chips are Pre-paid for you so all you have to do is register it!

Microchip is smaller then a penny
Pomeranian Puppy Supplies
Pug Puppy Supplies

Get your Wash'n Zip Now!

SAVE 15% Use Code: Companion

These beds are amazing!  They are high quality and are made for frequent washing unlike other beds that loose their shape and comfort as soon as the first washing!  Other beds are also clunky getting washed and dried but not this bed!  It washes easily just like a blanket!  They are all little costly but so worth it as they last longer then other beds and are easier to keep clean.  They are way more versatile too!

Don't forget to add the puppy proofer cover so the zipper is concealed.  It was designed to help deter chew-happy dogs from the temptation of chewing on the zipper and bed corners.


Wash'n Zip Pet Bed
Wash'n Zip Pet Bed for sale
puppy supply recommendations
what to buy for a new puppy

Some of our Favorite Puppy Products
on Amazon & Chewy :

Disclosure: We are Affiliates for these companies because we love and use them ourselves!
We are compensated a tiny amount if you make a purchase using one of the links.

Every New Puppy Should Have This On Hand for there first few days at home and for travel!:

Tomlyn Gel 2
Tomlyn Puppy Nurtical Gel for sale
Tomlyn Nutritonal Gel

Travel Crate:

pink dog carrier for pugs and pomperanians for sale
Blue Carrier for pugs and pomeranians for sale
Best Puppy Crate for small dogs forSale
Best puppy crate on Amazon for sale

Dog/Puppy Foods:
We start out with Royal Canin for puppies but also have these other recommendations for those looking for other food ideas!  We personally use these brands and yes, we use multiple food brands for our adults to help give them the best nutrition possible as no one food has it all despite what they claim!

Royal Canin 
-Easily Digestible food
- Food for Young Puppies
- Find it on Chewy :

royal canin wet puppy food

This wet/canned is the food the puppies eat in the morning and is great to feed if the puppy is under stress and unsure of eating in a new environment.  They LOVE this stuff!

royal canin small puppy food

We use Royal Canin for pups not to mention many puppy owner's vets recommend it too! This way there are no sudden food switches as it weakens pup's immune systems. This is also a grain food to avoid the recent heart problem some grain free foods are causing. Pups love it, digests easily for sensitive stomachs, and it makes weaning and transitioning to a new home easier to boot!  Please remember to buy a bag and have it on hand for when your puppy goes home!

Farmina Dog Food
ancestral puppy mini chicken and pomegranate farmina dog food
Farmina Lamb Mini puppy for sale.jpg
Farmina Ancetral Grains Dog Food
Farmina Dry Dog Food for Sale
Ancestral Grain Dog Food MEDIUM&MAXI

We add this food option for older pups starting between 3-4 months old and our adult dogs love Farmina! Top quality proteins and low on the Glycemic Index.  No sugar spikes for your dog or extra sugars that cause obesity!

Foods now a days have low protein and meat levels unlike this food.  There are NO EXTRA

 phytoestrogens like soy, sweet potatoes, flaxseed, peas or other legumes!  This is an Italian company with family values and excellent quality food!

*High phytoestrogen diets have been shown to impair in dogs growth, development, digestion,
mood, and immune system.

This food is good for puppies through senior years.  They have several types to pick from. They offer mini for small kibble but we usually use Medium /Maxi for bigger kibble to encourage our pugs to chew.

We can send you a no obligation discount email if you would like to see what you can save on Farmina sent directly from the manufacturer on a subscription!  Just email us which farmina you are interested in buying (we can send a discount email for any of their line up!) and we will be happy to send you a discount offer!

Flourish Dog Food

33 Pound Bag

Click here to find it on Chewy - Out of Stock will upate link when possible

11 Pound Bag

This is a nice option for those looking for another price point for a hormone neutral food.

Foods now a days keep adding cheap high phytoestrogens to raise protein and fiber levels which wreaks havoc on your dogs natural hormones to keep them healthy.  This is a small company that wanted a food that was not filled with chemicals, hormones, and DCM causing ingredients so dogs can be healthy and flourish!

*High phytoestrogen diets have been shown to impair in dogs growth, development, digestion,
mood, and immune system.

This food is good for puppies through senior years.

Reduce Shedding:
To reduce shedding greatly in pugs

Grizzly Salmon Oil for sale.jpg

You should Deworm a minimum of every 3 months but we suggest monthly.

Safe-guard Dewormer for up to 10 pounds for sale
Safe-guard dewormer for dogs up to 20 pounds for sale
worm x plus dewormer for sale

Food Aditive & Digestive Tract:

Dogzymes Natures farmacy probiotics for sale
organic pure pumpkin for dogs for sale
bernies perfect poop discount from Companion Pups
Companion Pups Recommendation for Gut Health

Bernies Perfect Poop
Discount Code for 20% Off

Easy to give and helps with digestion and having good poops easy to pick up.  We sprinkle this on as a topper on puppies and adult's food.

Keep Your Puppy Busy:

Puppy Kong For sale
Best Puppy Kong for sale

Using a classic Kong you can make a great treat to keep your pup busy!  Any classic Kong has a hole in the middle.  Use only natural peanut butter like Smuckers with no artificial sweeteners like xylitol as they can kill a canine.  This peanut butter also does not add sugar!  It does need stirring with each use but you can turn jar upside down and it will mix itself if done a few minutes before use.  Put the peanut butter in the middle and freeze!  It will then take your puppy lots of licking and chewing to get the frozen treat out of it!  We highly recommend not using Kong stuffing as it is filled with stuff that is not the healthiest or safest for your pup!

Classic Puppy Kong and Natural Peanut Butter

Skinny No Stuffing Dog and Puppy Toys for sale

Skinz Toys without stuffing are great as they are destroyed less easily and there is no stuffing for your dog to ingest accidentally!

Chews and Training Treats For Pugs:

Good N Fun Kabab dog treats for sale
Puppy Teething Rings for sale
Lamb Ears for sale
N bone Puppy Teething ring for sale
Healthy Edibles for Puppys for sale

Here are some of our choices for chews.  N-Bone products are great for teething pups.  We recommend  you stay away from Nylabone Rubber Chews as they are not meant to be eaten but pups chew off little pieces and swallow them!  N-Bone and Nylabone Edible however are great products meant to be swallowed.  Lamb ears are great for puppies but not adults that are more aggressive chewers as they are smaller and get soggy quickly.  Cow Ears and Pig Snouts are a nice size and perfect for pups and adults and non greasy!  But come on every dog deserves a pig ear treat every now and again!  Dogs love pigs ears. Purina makes some chews that dogs just love and are easy to find!

Comfort & Containment:

White pet bed for 24" crate for sale
blue pet bed for 24" crate for sale
Pink pet bed for 24" crate for sale

24"   Crate Pad for comfort

Pink Crate Puppy Crate for Sale
Blue Puppy Crate for Sale

 24" Crates - They have 2 latches  that prevents puppy from pushing the bottom open or top open and getting out or getting a paw stuck so we like these crates.  Plus they come in cute colors!  ​

Yaheetach Puppy Play Pen For Sale

We use these very play pens after going through many of the types and brands out there.  Most are to flimsy or hard to open or move when needed.  These are sturdy stay up right, are chew proof, and can easily be moved or reconfigured!

  • 6 Panel

  • Color: Black

  • Steel with Black Powder Coating

  • 24" Tall for each Panel

  • 32" Length for Each Panel

Pee Pads
Kuranda Pet Bed for sale
Kuranda Dog Bed For sale

Disposable & Reusable Pads:
The bigger the better and you want Heavy or Ultra pending the brand.

Frisco Giant Disposable Pads
Remember bigger is better so they are in sight of puppy and puppy has enough space to go on the pad as they are not great at aim.

27.5 x 44-in Pads

Reusable Puppy Pads for sale
Disposable Frisco Giant Puppy Potty pads for sale

Pug Harness:

Harness that is the best for pugs for sale
Best Pug Harness for sale

We recommend a harness that pulls from the chest to help teach your pup not to pull.  It pulls them to the side when they try to go ahead instead of pulling from behind making them just want to pull more.  These harnesses were originally premier gentle leaders but appears it is now the Petsafe Easy Walk.

supplies for puppies
small breed puppy supplies for sale

Here is a link to $10 off a Petflow Order:

Check out Petflow Now Click Here!

They have good deals on food and treats and if you sign up for emails, they often have coupons!

the best supplies for puppies
The best pug and pomeranian puppy supplies
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