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Our Pomeranians

We have beautiful Champion Line Pomeranians!  Having the highest possible quality to bring you the very best Pomeranians have to offer.  Bright Cheerful Small dogs!

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"Fribbles" Darikar Apollo

Fribbles is a beautiful cream color Champion Sired import of Ukraine.  He is an excellent representation of the breed and of correct size weighing 4 pounds.  He just loves to cuddle and is a couch potato.  He came to us, and picture credit is thanks to Darikar Kennels.

"Candace" Darikar Lolanta

Candace is a beautiful Champion Grand-Sired orange import of Ukraine.  She has a silky soft fluffy coat and such a happy cheerful little girl.  She loves to follow the boys around and be part of everything you do.  She is of correct size and comes in at 5 pounds. She came to us from Dariker Kennels and picture credit goes to them..

Show Quality Pomeranians For Sale
Merle Pomeranians for sale


This little bouncey fur ball of joy is hopefully an upcoming future mommy.  We are awaiting her Genetics Testing and for her to mature.  She is a small beautiful merle expected to weigh in about 4.5 pounds.  She has a partial blue eye.


Blue and Tan little boy pomeranian from Champion Imported Lines.  He is a sweet loving little dude.  He loves to be picked up and cuddled.  Pictures coming soon.  He is expected to be about 4.5 pounds.

Merle Pomeranians for sale
Blue Pomeranian Puppies for sale


Blue Merle with Tan Points Female Pomeranian.  She is a cuddle bug and always wants to be the lap dog.  Pictures Coming Soon.


Lavender Merle thick boned compact pomeranian male.  He has the most luxurious thick puffy coat!  He has one blue eye and one brown.  He is outgoing and adventurous and has never met a stranger, lol.

Lavendar Merle Pomeranian
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Fiona is a dark orange almost red pomeranian.  Her pictures lighten her!  She has both an AKC Champion mom and dad! She is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves belly rubs!  She has never met a stranger and has the sweetest personality.  She is about 6 pounds.  


River is a small compact chocolate and tan imported from Thailand.  She absolutely adores attention and insists on being held like a baby and having her belly rubbed.  She will get on your lap and nudge you and turn her self over.  She is quite the silly girl!  She is about 5.5 pounds.

chocolate and tan pomeranians for sale
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