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Pomeranian Puppies for sale


We had a Pomeranian mix long ago that sparked our love of the breed.  She also got us into research on dog foods, supplements, and care.  While we also fell in love with pugs and have been in pug preservation for decades, bringing you the best pugs, we have decided to also add Pomeranians!  The breed is so much like a pug in a smaller furrier package!  Affectionate happy little balls of joy that want to spend their days with you!

We were lucky enough to start this venture with the help of Darikar Kennels.  They have some of the best pomeranians in the world.  They have produced many champions and their dogs have the best personalities!  We are starting our venture with two of their poms.

Pomeranians Puppies For Sale

Prices Range from $3000-$5000
* Prices are subject to change and may vary on any given puppy or dog.
Puppies are sold as Strictly Pet - No Registration
(This is to help Prevent People from Breeding
without permission.  It also helps so AKC doesn't hound us about people not registering their puppies as 98% of people do not.) 
A few will be sold as AKC
Limited and noted if they come with it
We require their official AKC name to start with KISSES' if your puppy i
s being registered.

puppy paw print and heart for background light purple, blue, and pink_edited.jpg

Our Pom Puppies Go Home with:

*30-Day Trial Pet Health Insurance Offer  *Vet checked

*Vaccine/ Dewormer Records/Flea & Tick Meds Started *Copy of Pedigree  

*Puppy Starter Goody Bag: consisting of various: *Food Samples *Chews  *Treats *Toys

*Potty Pads *Waste Bags *Scented Blanket *Collar *Upon Placing your puppy on hold you can name him/her and we will start the name recognition process.  *We start pad training 

*ENS for Early Neurological Stimulation 

(for puppies that can handle stress better, adapt quicker, perform better, and be more resistant to illness)*

Mom and Puppies are supplemented with Omegas 3's DHA & EPA 

(for smarter more trainable puppies)

*Our poms are great with young kids, cats, and other dogs.  Our poms experience young boys in the home and cats that are always hanging out with them!!

* Lifetime of Breeder Support and Advice whenever you need



Fluffy Orange Pomeranian with puppies for sale
Tea Cup Cream Pomeranian Champion Lines with Puppies for sale

These two blessed us with four Tiny Pomeranian puppies on May 8th! Pending their progress, the puppies will be ready to go home between July 3rd-31st. They are expected to be very small structured and weigh between 3 and 4.5 pounds.
These puppies will likely be $3000.

Fill out our Pup-Dates Notify List Form to get Announcements on Puppies!!

Pug Puppies
Small Female Pomeranian For Sale Near me

Foxy - Orange Sable Female Pomeranian Puppy - Available - $3000

Available Female Pomeranian

This little tike is charting to be about 4 pounds as an adult and take after her mommy's looks.  She is playful and sweet and calms right down whenever she is picked up and held.  These babies are very used to be handled and loved on.  She is a little puff ball and is going to have an amazing coat when she grows up.

Maisie - Cream Sable Female Pomeranian Puppy -

On Hold For Kathy

This tiny little girl is charting to be 3.5 to 4 pounds as an adult.  She loves to play and be silly.  She is super calm when held and is very used to being loved on.  She is a beautiful light tan/cream color and getting lighter as her coat grows out.  She is a puff ball with a very fluffy coat! 

Cream Tea Cup Pomeranian Puppy For Sale
Tiny Pomeranian Puppy for sale
Pomeranian Puppy for sale

Coming Soon

Tea Cup Pomeranians

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Coming Soon

Pomeranians For Sale

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Pomeranian Puppies for sale
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