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Pugs the best breed for kids
Beautiful Pugs

Welcome to Companion Pups:
Where Pug Love is Endless!

Pugs are great with kids
Pugs make the best family dogs
Best Breed for families and kids - pugs

Are you ready to find your newest companion? Look no further than Companion Pups! We offer amazing Family-Oriented Temperaments, Exceptional looking Show Quality pug puppies, and Top AKC and International Champion show line pug puppies for sale to pet homes. Come join the Companion Pups family today! 

This site was updated:
May 27, 2023

AKC Breed with Heart Pug Breeder
AKC Pug Breeder
All about pug puppies

All About Our Puppies

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Reputable pug breeder - Companion Pups
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Adult pugs for sale
Pug puppies for sale
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Pug Care and Training Tips and Information
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What new pug owners guide to puppy care
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Pug Puppies around the country!
See which states have Companion Pups Pugs!
We also have puppies outside of the U.S. as well like Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and in 
Europe not shown.

Best Pugs for sale in the country
pug breeders near me
Pugs for sale near Florida
Pug puppies for sale near me
pugs for sale near Atlanta GA
Albino Hognose Snake from @TandAsnakes

If you like snubbed nose puppies check out these hognose snakes!  They're the snub noses of the snake world!  They are too cute!!!  Please follow us @TandAsnakes on Instagram and Facebook to follow our journey in hognose snakes.

Champion Pug Puppies for sale
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Reputable Breeder Pug Puppies
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akc pug puppies for sale
Pugs for sale near me
Well Bred Pug puppies for sale
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