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Pug & Pom Potty Training Guide 

Want potty training tips?  Want to learn signs your puppy needs to go outside?  Check out our potty-training guide!

Information on Pad Training and Outdoor Potty Training your Pug.

How long should we use pad training?

We highly recommend pad training till puppy shots are finished but we realize not everyone likes this idea so please use some caution when training for outside if you do so before vaccines are completed.

How long do I continue to use pads?

 Always have pads in sight or they are out of mind for a young puppy much like a human toddler learning to go they need reminding this is where you can go... Once your puppy is going outside regularly you take away the pads and they see that option as gone.  Taking away pads to early before they understand going outside will set them up for failure as they'll find a spot in your home and continue to go there thinking it's ok once it's marked.  Leaving pads out will NOT delay them learning to go outside but prevents a bad habit from starting in the house until they understand outside is a place to potty too.  They will learn there are 2 places and once they understand both removing the pads means to them outside is only option then.

How to Set up Puppy up for Success 

We advise you take away any rugs or fabric and if possible, keep puppy off carpet or watch them very carefully on carpet/rugs as puppies love to use them for potty (not sure why but it's their favorites) so you can prevent them from starting a bad habit.  Always keep pads in sight until they have a good idea of where pads are and start using one more than the others.  At that time you can reduce pads if you find they have a preference for one or two pads in the house.  Always keep them in a small, contained area with a pad when you cannot watch them.

What Pads do you reccommend?

Using pads for humans we have found to work so much better than ones made for puppy.  They also hold the pee better and stay down better for puppy training.  The larger size helps as well so puppy doesn't miss.  McKesson pads is our favorite.  It's nice and big and has a little weight to it to help hold it down in place.  Prevail pads would be our second choice.  You can find these pads on our puppy supply page.

Night Time / When are crates ok to use in relation to potty training?

At night or anytime you cannot keep a close eye on puppy keep them in a playpen or gated off room with open crate on one side, pad on another, and water near the crate/sleep area.  Never lock a puppy in the crate till they are 3 to 4 months old as they cannot hold it till then.  Locking them in before they are ready will start a bad habit as they will go in it, and they will start to think that's where they go.  Waiting to lock it till they have ability to hold it and have a good understanding of going outside will set you up for crate success without needing the playpen anymore in a few months.  

Outside Potty Training Tips:

If you do choose to immediately start outdoor potty training please use an isolated non public yard space that does not have other people walking on it, dogs, strays, and a lot of wildlife on it.  During the day try to take your puppy out every 2 hours, 20-30 mins after eating, if you see puppy sniffing/ circling, or if puppy walks off away from you especially if puppy is smelling while walking away as pug likes to be with their people and if puppy is walking off to another room chances are puppy is looking for a "private" spot to go.  Every time your puppy wakes from a nap or sleep you need to take them out to potty as they will have to go.  Please make sure the potty spot is one that other dogs and wild animals do not frequent to reduce risk of puppy picking up an illness.

How to Help Puppy know where the potty spot is outside:

We also recommend scenting the spot you want them to potty by dabbing their urine with a paper towel and then wiping the scent outside where their potty spot should be.  This marker can help them tremendously in potty training.  You can also bring their used potty pad outside and place on the ground to help them start getting used to being outside to potty and take the pad away after they have gone several times outdoors using it.

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