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~ Pug Breeder Paw Reviews ~
~What People Have To Say About Us and Our Pugs~
Sorry we are restarting this page so it's a work in progress.

Pug Puppy
Pug Dog

I just wanted to thank you once again for bringing Pearl into the world! She did great today! She’s eating, drinking and playing! She is so sweet and I know she’s going to be a very happy and healthy little girl. ❤️


All my best to you and the family!

- Amie H.

Black Male Pug Puppy
Pug Puppies

Thank you so much puppy. I love him so much. He is very comfortable at home. He plays with my dogs and is not scared of anything.  Thank you for the snacks and everything you give.  Thank you so much!

- Nina J.


Thank you again. She’s been such an angel from the very first and I know that is because of the love and care you provided in her first weeks. My recommendation of your program could not be more glowing. Fantastic! 😊

All my best to you and the family!

- Pastor Jennifer Michaels


Hi Tammi and Anthony, 

Hope you had a good weekend.  Check (Wesley) is all settled in at his new place and is doing really well! He's slept through the night, has been peeing and pooping mostly on the pee pad and is really playful and snuggly. 

- Shannon E.

Cute pug
adorable pug

Hi Tammie and Anthony, 

    I wanted to let you know that Charlie is doing great and settling in well. We gave him quiet time and a dark room last night when we got home, and he ate and drank and has been using the pee pad. He whimpered a couple of times but mostly slept great through the night! He's been more active today--lots of snuggles and licks, a really happy guy. We've been giving him lots of rest time too, though--we know it's a big transition. 

- Ashley & Dan H.

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Adult pug
Fawn Pug

Quick update on Gizmo. He is doing great and is loved by everyone. He is the healthiest and happiest little guy ever. Everything you said to do when I got him worked. He never, ever whined at night when I put him in the Dark to go to bed! Thank you!


- Effie

Reputable TN Pug Breeder Review

Good morning!


We wanted to give you some fun/positive updates on our puppy! We have decided to name him Angus and we think it suits him so well! He is a perfect fit for our family and everyone adores him. He is fitting in so well and is eating regularly! He weighed in at 9.3 lbs at the vet on Monday! Here are some fun pics of him! He is a very snuggly dog and is like Velcro to myself/my husband!


Victoria Adams


Just wanted to send some pics! Gus is such a love bug and is such a fun play mate for our girls.  They call him Gussy.  Also he developed the sweetest little heart on his nose ❤️❤️. It’s so unique and I absolutely love it.

Cute pug puppies for sale
Reputable Pug Breeder Review



Just wanted to give you an update. We decided to name him Bean! He’s been such an angel from the start. He’s sweet, playful, and SO smart. He hasn’t had one accident in the house and surprised us all by using his pee pad right away. I showed him once how to use his grass pad and now he actually uses that 90% of the time. He’s honestly been a dream! He plays so well with my daughter and loves to follow her around the whole house. We couldn’t love him more. 


I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. The love and attention you put into raising your puppies shows and we couldn’t be more thankful for you and happy with our boy. I attached some pics so you can see how he’s settling in. :)  


Happy New Year!



Below are examples of our past baby pugs and adults.
Pictures are either taken by us or sent to us from adopters. They are some of our favorite pictures we wanted to share with you!

This page is a work in progress so check back for updates.

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