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black pug puppies
pug puppies sale
pug puppies
pug breeders near me

~Available Pug Puppies For Sale~
Purebred AKC & International Grand Champion & Champion Line Pugs From Health Tested PDE Clear Parents!

Reputable TN Pug Breeder
Pug puppies near me for sale

Why do I want a show lines pug puppy?  I'm only looking for a pet.

Experience the ultimate joy of owning a pug puppy from Companion Pups! We go beyond the conventional notion of keeping show-quality pugs exclusively for show homes. We believe that everyone deserves the absolute best when it comes to their furry family members. Pugs were bred to be people's companions, and we are passionate about bringing that exceptional companionship to your home. Purebred doesn't always guarantee superior breeding or adherence to pug standards. That's why our show lines ensure that you not only get a pug with the correct look but also the perfect personality, temperament, and size. Our show line puppies possess a special charm that makes them thrive in a multitude of environments which makes for the best family companions ever —happy, playful, and confident, without being hyper or norotic. They are intelligent, attentive learners, embodying the chunky, wrinkly look and adorable nose roll that pug enthusiasts adore. By choosing a show line puppy from us, you're selecting a well-balanced, fun-loving, and fiercely loyal companion that exceeds all expectations. Experience the beauty and trainability wrapped up in the healthiest pug puppies. Our AKC and FCI International lines are health tested and our pugs are pre-spoiled, ensuring a delightful addition to your family. Welcome to Companion Pups, the home of the Kisses' Line of Pug Puppies, where our pugs literally give you kisses and are eager to shower you with love and affection!

We'd also like you to know you can always expect a quick response from us as well, so you are never left waiting and wondering when you'll hear back. It's our goal to be here when you need us for the life of your pug.  Welcome to the Companion Pups family!

Available Puppies Ready Now!!!

Looking for a Tiny Petite Pug?  The current puppies are from our lines known to stay very small!  These are tiny pups!  Current estimates of adult size are 10-14 pounds as adults!

Accepting Pick Order Reservations for fawn girls and fawn boys ready Aug 3rd!  Fill out the reservation form place $500 non-refundable to hold your spot!

Not Ready? Get on our Pup-Dates Notify List !
Black Pug puppies for sale near me
Pug Puppies
Black Pugs for sale

Our Puppies are most often $2500- $3500

* Prices are subject to change and may vary on any given puppy or dog.

Puppies are sold as Strictly Pet - No Registration
(This is to help Prevent People from Breeding
without permission.  It also helps so AKC doesn't hound us about people not registering their puppies as 98% of people do not.)
A few will be sold as AKC
Limited and noted if they come with it

We require their official AKC name to start with KISSES' if your puppy is being registered.

Additional Options:

$40 Micro Chip includes lifetime registration no annual fees.

$40 Snuggle Puppies scented here for comfort in transitioning to new home.

$100 Meet at CHA Airport for pickup

Pugs for sale near Atlanta GA
Pugs for sale to Florida

To Reserve a Puppy please fill out our form by clicking the button below.

Our Pug Puppies Go Home with:
*30-Day Trial Pet Health Insurance Offer
*Vet checked *Vaccine/ Dewormer Records/Flea & Tick Meds Started *Copy of Pedigree  

*Puppy Starter Goody Bag: consisting of various:
*Food Samples *Chews  *Treats *Toys *Potty Pads *Waste Bags *Scented Blanket *Collar

*Upon Placing your puppy on hold you can name him/her and we will start  the name recognition process.  *We start pad training *We start getting them used to nail trimmings as pugs notoriously hate their nails being done.

*ENS for Early Neurological Stimulation 
(for puppies that can handle stress better, adapt quicker, perform better,
and be more resistant to illness)
* Mom and Puppies are supplemented with Omegas 3's DHA & EPA 

(for smarter more trainable puppies)
*Our pugs are great with young kids, cats, and other dogs.  Our pugs experience young boys in the home and cats that are always hanging out with them!!
*Lifetime of support and advice whenever you nee


Pug puppy for sale
baby pugs for sale
Pug puppies for sale breeders
Pug for sale near me
Pugs for sale near me
Pug Puppy Prices
Pug puppies for sale near me
Pug Puppy for sale near em
Pug Puppy Prices
Available Pug Puppies
black pug puppy for sale
Scarlett & Artemis Puppies for sale

A Few Videos of the Available Pug Puppies For Sale

Jeanette / Pumpkin Bow is such a lap puppy!

Simon / Blue Bow is small sweet boy!

Brittany / Light Blue Bow is Tiny Curious little Girl!

Red Bow being silly and along with a couple siblings!

Jeanette and Elenor Pug Head tilt is on par!

Alvin's favorite thing - Neck Rubbins!

Eleanor / Mint Bow is such a Silly Little Girl!

Alvin / Yellow Bow is such a Sweet Tiny Puppy!

Violet / Purple Bow is a silly little Girl who will look like her daddy and be stocky and full or wrinkles!

Tiny Tina Chewing on her toy.

Jeanette and Elenor Playful Silly Pups!

Violet / Purple Bow Short Video

CH Reese and Valeska Puppies
Blue CH Reese Litter of Pug Puppies for sale
Pugs for sale near me
Scarlett and Artemis Pedigree.png
Small Black Female Pug
Black Pug Puppies for sale near me

Valeska -True Black Female

Scarlett - Silver Fawn Female

Pugs for sale

See Available Adult Pugs Here


Pug Puppies
Pugs for sale
Pug puppies for sale near me
pug puppies for sale breeders
pugs for sale
Pug Puppies for sale near me
cute black pugs
Pugs for sale near me
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