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The Pug Puppy Adoption Process

If you are interested in a pug puppy and see an available pug puppy we have listed, it's simple. 
1. Fill out our Reservations form just click here.
2. We will email you back after we receive your form and see if you have any questions or want to proceed in making that adorable puppy part of your home.
3. Pay Non-Refundable Holding Fee via Zelle (Waveapps is also an option in some cases but adds 4% and works like paypal or venmo).  This is for our time holding the puppy off the market and hence non-refundable.  It does apply toward the total price as long as you pick up your puppy.  Otherwise is for lost time and lost potential homes we missed out on.  Puppy will not be off the market until the holding fee is received.
4. Name your puppy if you have one!  We will start using it.  We will set up pickup with you and it won't be long till your puppy is in your arms!
5. Pickup and pay the remaining balance in cash when you get your pug puppy!

See Available Pug Puppies!

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Pup-Dates Notify List - For Upcoming Pug Puppies

Don't see the puppy you are looking for or none are currently available?  No problem get on our Pup-Dates Notify list for our upcoming pug puppies!  Here's how and what to expect!
1. Fill Out our Pup-Dates Notify list for our upcoming Pug Litters, To fill it out simply click here to fill out our pug Inquiry / Reservation form.
2. Once we receive it we will reach out to you and answer any questions and verify you would like to be on our list!
3. Once we have puppies within a week or two of being ready, we will send out an announcement email to those on the list to let them know we have pug puppies now available!  This can be a single puppy or entire litter, it's whenever we feel an individual puppy or puppies will be ready to go home that they are put up.  Some are older for various reasons such as: we held any back to consider, wanted them to be a little bigger before they leave, had a scheduling conflict that made timing a little different for being available for pickup, ect...  Typically, most puppies do go home at 8-9 weeks old.
4. Sit back and wait to hear from us or reach out any time to check in.  Be sure to follow us on social media.  Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok @CompanionPups
5. If you get a puppy announcement and see a puppy you want to make part of your home just email us back you are already approved if you are on our list!

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Sale Branding

Beware of Scammers

General Scammer Info:

Do NOT trust any AD/website that says they have staff or agent will call you. That's not a home breeder who cares for their puppy that is a puppy mill, broker, or scammer!!!! Run!!! Places that offer too good to be true deals and coupons on puppies/ shipping for prices way below average or trying to get you to buy multiples is also a huge red flag!!! Run!!!  We do occasional offer specific pairs at a discount if they are best buds and we prefer they go together but no buy one get one super cheap or too good to be true deal. Be aware of pictures that use very different photography techniques and in multiple settings as they usually stole the pictures from other breeders and every breeder has their own picture taking styles.


Scammers Pretending to be us:

*PEOPLE CONTINUE TO STEAL OUR PICTURES!!  Worse some are even trying to use our Name!  They are not afraid to email or call you pretending to be us. 




*We Will Never Call You all our communication is through email!


*Do Not respond directly to ADs as they could be fake!  Please only use our website to contact us and we will respond back using the email above!  We always give out our website in all our ads.  


*Anyone else is a scammer using our good name and quality puppy reputation to hurt the public!

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